About the Artist

Amy Dwyer has been turning a lifelong love of art and a natural sense of style into unique, handcrafted jewelry for more than a decade. She is a self-taught jewelry maker who experiments with color, shapes, texture and shine to create one-of-a-kind pieces that fit a variety of styles from vintage to modern, elegant to casual, versatile to bold.

Amy combines her training and experience as a fine artist and graphic designer with a spontaneous approach to her jewelry designs, starting with a mixture of semi-precious stones, wire, crystals, metals, pearls and seaglass, and seeing where inspiration takes her. This results in pieces that are rarely repetitive and always an expression of uniqueness. She continually expands her knowledge of jewelry-making in order to ensure she creates quality, durable pieces that will last for years to come, and she sources all her materials from reputable businesses both locally and online.

Her hope is that her jewelry will become not just a piece of beloved fashion, but also an expression of the wearer’s personality and life. Her own love for jewelry runs deep, beginning when she was a child watching her father repair and design jewelry. She wants nothing more than her own lifelong love of creative design to bring happiness and inspiration to those who choose to share in her passion and art.